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Wellness Through Customized Nutrition

Exhale Massage and Wellness has partnered up with ID Life to offer Wellness products to help you achieve a better sense of health and wellness.  Whether you are looking to loose weight, get fit, sleep better or just improve your overall health, ID Life has a scientific system that is guaranteed to help you. 

We chose ID Life as our partner because they offer something that no other company offers- ID Nutrition. ID Nutrition is an individualized nutritional support line that uses an in depth, HIPPA Compliant Health Assessment, to make a nurtritional recommendation that are safe YOU.Their Health Assessement takes into account your health history, current medical conditions and medications and your health goals ensuring your recommendations are specifically tailored to your individual needs.   ID Life's products are developed by a board of doctors, nutritionist and scientist, are  FDA approved and have over 10,000 independent peer and clinical reviews, providing you with only the best nutritional support avaiable.  Their products are Sugar, Gluten and Soy FREE, non-GMO and Hormone FREE. 

We will carry a few items offered by ID Life available for purchase, but due to the indiviudalized recommedations, we believe it is better for you to use our online store to make your purchases and have them shipped straight to your door!

Take your FREE health assessement to get your health score and nutritional recommedation by visiting www.GetFitNashville.IDLife.com


If you would like to learn more about joining the ID Life Team as an assoicate, please email us at sosannaIDLife@gmail.com


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