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Massage Therapy

We incorporate a customized blend of Young Living Essential Oils with every massage, to enhance your experience, and encourage a deeper sense of wellbeing. 

We will add an additional 15 minutes, at no charge, to your scheduled massage, in order to allow enough time to get on and off the table, and communicate with your therapist without the feeling of being rushed.

Exhale Wellness Massage     60 Minutes/$65  ~  90 Minutes/$90
60 Minute Pre-paid Packages   5/$309    7/$423    10/$585
90 Minute Pre-paid Packages   5/$428   7/$586     10/$810

Our Exhale Wellness Massage is customized to your needs whether you are trying to achieve a deep sense of relaxation or you are seeking relief from pain with deep tissue work. ~ Relax

Athlete's Recovery Massage     60 Minutes/$70  ~  90 Minutes/$95
60 Minute Pre-paid Packages   5/$333    7/$455    10/$630
90 Minute Pre-paid Packages   5/$451   7/$619     10/$855

This massage focuses on muscle recovery of Athletes of every kind. Whether you are completing the Workout of the Day, take Barre Classes, or completing Couch to 5K runs, this massage will increase circulation, decrease body aches and soreness, reduce the risk of injury, and increase mobility for better performance.  ~Rejuvenate

Prenatal Massage       60 Minutes/$65  ~  90 Minutes/$90
60 Minute Pre-paid Packages   5/$309    7/$423    10/$585
90 Minute Pre-paid Package    5/$428    7/$586    10/$810

Prenatal massage is great for expecting mothers. Massage can help reduce pain and discomfort, reduce swelling, and help you get a moment of relaxation while your body is working so hard to create new life.  ~Renew

Focused Massage        30 Minutes/$40

Refresh with this focused therapeutic massage. The therapist will work a specific area of tension. This massage is perfect for someone who is short on time or doesn't want a full body massage.  ~Exhale

Therapeutic Herbal Poultice Massage    45 Minutes/$65

This deep heat massage is focused on the back, neck and shoulders utilizing heated Thai Herbal Poultice filled with therapeutic herbs and essentail oils. This massage is great for reducuding inflammation, promoting circulation, and improving mobility and flexibilty. ~Rejuventate

Crown Jewel Poultice Massage    45 Minutes/$65

Using deep heat Thai Poultice, filled with therapeutic herbs and essential oils, this massage focuses on the face, scalp and neck to relieve sinus pressure and headaches. This focused massage also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. ~Transcend

Add Herbal Poultice to any Wellness or Recovery Massage for ONLY $20! (Let us know at the time of booking to ensure proper heating of the poultice on the day of your service.)


Hot Stone Therapy       90 Minutes/$110

This specialty massage uses hot stone to melt away stress and tension in the muscles, increase circulation and help alleviate pain and soreness. Our Hot Stone Massage is offered as a 90 Minute session.   ~Peace

Body Therapies

Raindrop Treatment          $95

This specialized treatment utilizes the amazing power of Young Living Essential oils, mixed with a variety of massage techniques and heat infusion to bring the body back into a structural and electrical alignment. This technique is a great way to encourage a healthy balance to the body. The essential oils also stimulate the nerves and the re-growth of tissue.  This treatment is great for people who want to boost their immune system, help ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and alleviate symptoms related to auto-immune diseases. This treatment takes approximately 60 Minutes.  ~Healing

Check back for new body treatments coming soon!






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